Even when you have robust quality assurance and quality improvement processes in place to maintain high standards during product development and manufacture, it is still important to assess the quality and safety of your goods prior to shipment. Clients across the globe use Final Random Inspections to obtain data on batch quality and highlight defects or inconsistencies.

Our finished product testing ensures that your products meet the standards set by your organization, your clients and regulators in your target market.

FRI is conducted when 100 percent of your goods are produced and at least 80 per cent are packed and ready for dispatch. Final random inspections are a range of visual tests that cover:

  • Quality (appearance, performance, and workmanship)
  • Quantity
  • Packaging
  • Labeling
  • Shipping marks to achieve regulatory compliance (for example bar code checks)
  • Transportation
  • Drop checks

Final Random Inspections (FRI) are one of a range of on-site product inspections that we conduct to ensure quality and safety throughout the entire production process, from product design through to shipment. They can be used as a one-off service or form part of broader quality assurance, quality improvement or risk assessment programs that are tailored according to your specific needs.

All inspections are conducted by well experienced experts according to requirement of the clients. Our experts can advise on inspections that will help assess the quality of your finished products and prevent problems occurring when importing, and will be able to discuss the benefits you will experience from working in partnership with us.

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